客户评价 Testimonials

Yannica is the very best agent I ever met with both great professional skills and caring personality.  我们家的两套房子都是Yannica帮买的,而且都是我们不在的情况下尽心尽力帮我们做好一切,比我们自己考虑得周到得多! 我们对现在居住的房子非常满意。多亏有她!她的专业服务也帮我的朋友成功买到心仪的房子! 她的精专能力和真诚耐心的态度,使她成为真正可以帮到客人的那一位,非常感恩Yannica❤

Joyce Liu - Oct 2020

It is my absolute pleasure to express my happiness in having met Yannica Dai as my listing realtor. She is a great professional, that has been exceptional in her abilities to sell our home in less than a day.! From the beginning she informed us of the value and selling potential of our home. She genuinely shows an appreciation for her clients needs and will do anything in her power to guide you, protect your interests and obtain the best result possible! ( which she did-above asking price). If ever anyone were in need of a real estate agent she would be the one I would refer to in an instant.

Alice Marusak- Sept 2020

I had the pleasure of Yannica Dai and her partner Larry give myself a sales presentation of my Coal Harbour condominium in late July of 2020. They were unlike any real estate agent as they complimented my unit before we started the sales conversation. They listened to my concerns and wanted to work for my best interest and showed myself sincerity. I gave them the listing and then saw professional work ethic that hardly exists anymore take place.They showed respect and followed the strata policies and took all clients seriously during the showings with follow up. Interest built quick and a sale was made and properly negotiated without any stress.

Finding a new home can be difficult as well but there talent shown through again and I received a double blessing with them finding me the place right for myself at this time. Yannica even said she was going to upgrade myself from where I already lived and I was skeptical. Sure enough she was right and it happened! 🙏 Thank you for your positive attitude through this whole process as it so amazing for a dream to come true.

I am so excited to live in my new premise! Thank you again for your professionalism. If you ever need a referral please don’t hesitate for anyone to call myself as I would be proud to promote your services.

Mike Kreviazuk - Aug 2020

"Yannica and Larry went above and beyond to sell our home at a great price in very little time! From day one, they provided us with their outstanding professional services which included excellent-quality photography and video of the home and deep knowledge of the real estate market. They made the process as stress-free as possible from start to finish, answering our questions right away and maintaining excellent communication throughout, which is crucial when you're selling or buying a home. Thank you, Yannica and Larry; we'll be recommending your services to family and friends!!

Maria and Luca—May 2020

Yannica是一位相当优秀并且专业的房产经纪人, 她的耐心解答各方面问题以及对房产市场了解的细致度让我们在最短的时间里挑选到最合适的房屋。更重要的是, 她的市场分析能力以及议价战略上的能力,帮助我们用满意的价格买到了最合心意的房屋。

Danny Leung Apr 2020

Yannica helped me find the perfect house for my family. She understands the local housing market and knew what we were looking for, giving us good advice on the value proposition for each of the properties that we viewed. Once we found the house we wanted, she worked quickly to prepare our winning offer in competition with another interested party. With her background in banking, she provided excellent advice and support during the closing period and was always available to answer questions on the process. Based on our experience, Yannica will put your needs as her top priority

Vivian and John – March 2020

Yannica 真是非常感谢你!通过方梅认识了你,在还没有和你有任何正式委托的情况下,你无私地给予我最及时和专业的帮助,每次和你联系,你都能快速给予最专业正确的帮助。接下来要正式委托你给我的房子出租或者买卖,那么我是百分之百地信任你的专业和服务,一切都拜托了!也祝你在自己热爱的工作中得到更大的快乐满足,也祝你身体健康家庭幸福🌹


HongHong Wang  ----Dec 2018

Yannica,  认识了你是我的荣幸,你的真诚做事方式和善待他人的一切都是大家有目共睹的!谢谢🙏!

Stephanie Feng  -- Dec 2018

Yannica 非常庆幸在我们买房子整个过程中有你的参与, 感谢你那么上心🙏遇到你我们很幸运. 也祝你们全家 圣诞快乐🎅新年快乐🎉🎊我们以后多联系 我也多介绍 客人给你哈 !

Emily Li – Dec 2018

我的房子出租,管理和最后的買賣都是Yannica 經手的,而且還是在我不在加拿大的時候。一個如家人般值得信賴特別有智慧的經紀,兼具細心和耐心,不畏辛苦和麻煩,專業的典範。再一次深深感謝你的幫助,Yannica。

Deborah. Zhang 2018

Yannica knows North Vancouver like the palm of her hand. She quickly located couple of great options for me in a short period of time. And the closing of my house, which now has turned to be my new home, went smoothly as well. She is well connected, professional, nice and very easy to work with. I give my recommendation for her service. 

CEO of RDF Investment Group Betty Li – June 2017

I first met Yannica in her capacity of a Premier Account Relationship Manager at HSBC. At that time she struck me as a very knowledgeable and professional person with a very personable demeanour.

She’s carried her business acumen and very personal approach over into the realty world extremely well. She recently completed a significant purchase for us and we we’re impressed by her knowledge of the market, current trends, the local area where we bought and the intricacies of the process. Working us through an appraisal process involving numerous properties she worked closely with us to find the perfect solution. After that the purchase process ran like clockwork and to top that she turned out to be a strong and determined negotiator closing an excellent deal for us.

I’d highly recommend Yannica if you’re looking for sound advice, a stress free process and a great end result.

Patrick Cannon 2016

We can't say enough good things about Yannica! Yannica is an incredibly organized and efficient real estate agent. We had tight timelines and she was able to organize many viewings without overwhelming us.

Yannica is incredibly knowledgeable and would point out aspects of the condos, both negative and positive, that we wouldn't even think of about. She was able to manage my partners expectations (investment) and my expectations (comfortable home) and showed us places that met both of our needs. Yannica has a keen eye and can spot the great opportunities.

She went above and beyond our expectations and made the whole process as seamless and easy as possible.

Thanks so much Yannica,

Jill and Jordan

In order to make the purchase and sale go smoothly, I decide to choose a Realtor by my criteria:1 Has good knowledge with the housing market in my area. 2. Put my interests first. 3. Have strong negotiation skills. 4. Have excellent communication skills in both English and Chinese. I was fortunate to have selected Yannica Dai as my Realtor. Within less than two months Yannica not only helped me buy an ideal property, but also sold my current house in the shortest time (two weeks) at an attractive price. Thanks to Yannica for giving me a huge relief to complete everything seamlessly before the end of 2015. I can now have a relaxed and happy 2016.
为了使买房卖房同时顺利进行,我决心按照自己的标准挑选经纪人。我需要的经纪人必须具有以下素质:1,非常熟悉温哥华地产;2,客户利益放在首位;3;有极强协商能力;4,了解并融入当地生活,精通英文;十分庆幸我找到了这样的地产经纪,她就是Yannica Dai。短短两个月时间,在2015年结束前,Yannica不仅帮助我买到了中意的房产,还以满意的价格和速度顺利卖出了现有房屋。感谢Yannica让我 解除后顾之忧,轻松愉快迎接2016年。

Naiting Liu Dec 2015

My purchasing experience tells me that it’s equally important to choose the right real estate agent as well as choosing the right property. I really like the house Yannica helped me purchase and the value has already gone up quite a bit. I appreciate Yannica’s hard work! 我的买房经历告诉我, 选经纪和选房是同样重要的事. 我很幸运碰到了Yannica, 一切都是那么美满! 她帮我挑的房子我很喜欢又已经升值很多. 感谢Yannica的辛苦工作!     

Ying Shen Sept 2015

I can not overemphasize Yannica’s professionalism, and innovative approach to problem solving. Her friendly style and humble demeanor make me confident that she is looking out for my best interests. I believe that she will continue to be successful in delivering opportunities, and will consistently work as a strong advocate for her clients—in any industry. I look forward to working with Yannica again on future ventures.

Nestor Balce 2013

I have been Yannica’s customer for more than 5 years.  She is distinctively professional, skillful and efficient when providing her service.  She is also friendly and responsible to her customer.  Thus I strongly recommend her service.

Sue  Zhang 2013

Yannica has been instrumental in putting together many deals and loans for me over the years.  She always goes the extra mile to find the very best terms and options available.  She’s courteous, friendly and professional, the epitome of customer service.

Steve Brooks 2013