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Yannica holds a REALTOR License and Property Management License in BC, Canada.

Yannica is one of the top 10% Realtor in Greater Vancouver in 2014(in group), 2015(in group), 2016(in individual), and 2019(in individul).

Yannica is friendly, reliable, sales oriented, experienced, knowledgeable, and a strong negotiator in property transactions. She works very hard and is trustworthy! She not only can help you to find a home suitable for you and your family, but also satisfy your investment needs by renting out and managing the properties in certain areas for you. She can make your life simpler so that you can enjoy life more!

Before becoming a realtor, Yannica worked at two Canadian major banks ( RBC and HSBC) for 13 years. Her last position at HSBC bank was a Premier/Senior Account Manager for five years. Yannica used to have Personal Financial Planner Certificate and Mutual Fund License. Yannica’s senior experience and knowledge in mortgage, investment, and Financial Planning will definitely be assets in contributing to your buying or selling. She has helped thousands of clients to develop and achieve their home buying and selling plans. She also has accumulated a good base of clientele and this can help the marketing to reach a broader base of customers.

Yannica specializes properties in North Vancouver and West Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver, and is also familiar with properties in Burnaby, and Richmond.

Yannica在2014, 2015, 2016, 2019荣膺大温销售量前10%的金牌经纪!

欢迎来到加拿大房屋搜索网站.  Yannica是温哥华地区的房地产买卖和房地产租赁持牌经纪人. Yannica对人非常热情,亲切,真诚, 有良好的投资理念, 对房屋买卖程序, 贷款程序非常熟悉,具有极强的谈判协商能力, 是加拿大大温地区多个城市房屋买卖的资深人士. 她工作勤奋, 让人信赖. Yannica 可以帮助你找到一个适合你的家居住, 也可以帮助管理你想出租的房屋, 让你的生活更加简单和美好.

在成为房地产经纪人之前, Yannica曾在加拿大的两大主要银行(RBC皇家银行, HSBC汇丰银行)工作了13年.她最后五年在汇丰银行任职贵宾客户经理, 专门负责为高端客户设计融资方案, 申请贷款, 和进行其它投资, 比如基金, 股票.  过去13年来, Yannica曾经帮助了上千人的客户, 使他们的买房, 投资目标得以成功实现. Yannica除了拥有地产经纪人和房屋租赁的牌照外, 还曾经拥有加拿大个人财务规划师的认证和销售基金的执照, 所以 Yannica在地产, 出租, 贷款, 投资方面的综合知识和能力一定可以全方位为您服务.

Yannica 是大温地区北温和西温房屋交易的专家,她对温哥华市中心, 本拿比, 和Richmond的房屋也很熟悉. 她帮助了很多客户在这些不同的城市购置和销售房屋.

Yannica Dai

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